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Topic - Comes the Dervish - Broken Hold

AndrewJamesCherry - on 09 Jun 2014
Evening everyone,

Was on the top section (past the overlap) of comes the Dervish today and weighted a gear placement, placed about 2 feet above the over lap in the thin leftwards slanting crack/flake. Heard a little snap and crumble, and looked up to see a sizeable section of the flake broken (but wasn't dislodged!). Probably 5-8 Kilos in weight. I removed it by hand when abing back down and cleared out the little bits of loose detritus. As far as I can tell its made no real change in difficulty of the route(It was not an essential hold in the sequence I dont think), but it may have effected the moves directly after turning the roof.

There is certainly still plenty of crack left underneath and above it for gear placements (although tbh I'd be a little suspect of anything in there now).

I may well receive some flak for this but I don't think it will have effected the routes quality or difficulty at all - Just thought I better come clean and let everyone know! it could well be a little loose up there still.

My sincerest apologies to anyone visiting the route!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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