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Topic - Lakes Tat Tidy-Up

Francis Charlesworth - on 10 Jun 2014

With summer slowly starting in the Lakes and the recent discussions on UKClimbing about excessive tat on popular ab points I'm planning on heading out and working on clearing away excessive and old tat and replacing this with some new cord around the Lakes.

If you know of any poits in need of particular attention please let me know.

Please also let us know if you have recently cleared/replaced one.

If you fancy helping out/joining in, great, please post on here what you have done to save people heading out to do the same one.

The tat will only be chopped if it will be replaced at the same time.

We will label the replacement cord with a small tag saying the month and year it was placed to help people judge whether to add more tat based on the condition of the existing tat.
Please however don't take this as an excuse to leave your tat behind!
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Petarghh - on 10 Jun 2014
In reply to Francis Charlesworth:

The two tat abseils on white ghyll are looking pretty tired, the one to the right of the slab on the upper crag in particular. I may get up there on Thursday, if so I'll replace.

Tagging them with a date is a pretty good idea, if they last!

Francis Charlesworth - on 10 Jun 2014
In reply to Petarghh:

Thanks Pete. Let me know if you get it done!
Rick Graham on 10 Jul 2014
In reply to Francis Charlesworth:

If you are replacing abseil gear please ensure everything is doubled up, ie redundancy in the system.

At least one maillon, ring or krab, to take the wear ( can be backed up with a loose loop of rope ).

Use rope not tape.

Beware of threads where you cannot see all the rope. I have seen some nibbled away by mice and about 100 gram of strength left.

MFB - on 10 Jul 2014
In reply to Petarghh:

i didn't know there was a rap station on the upper crag

the 2 i'm aware of both on lower crag - top man of straw and 50m?N slip knot (along scary path)

they could both do with a refresh in manner Rick suggests
MFB - on 10 Jul 2014
In reply to Rick Graham:

mice are mans greatest foe - they ate my tent - scum
Dervey - on 10 Jul 2014
In reply to Francis Charlesworth:

Thinking of doing this myself, I've got loads of spare rigging rope going to waste. Keep the suggestions coming and I'll post any that I replace.

A Mountain Journey - on 10 Jul 2014
In reply to MFB:

Was on White Ghyll last week. The ab station left of Slip Knot (as looking up the crag) looks to have been replaced very recently. Don't know about the others.

Gimmer: from Ash Tree Ledge, we left a sling as back up to the knackered tat a few weeks ago. Don't know if this has been replaced yet, if not then it needs it.
Dave Ferguson - on 11 Jul 2014
In reply to Francis Charlesworth:

The ab station to the side of golden slipper on pavey is a bit of a mess, could do with all the old stuff being removed.
Petarghh - on 11 Jul 2014
In reply to A Mountain Journey:

The slip knot ab was replaced by me about 2 weeks ago, just mirrored the old tat but obviously refreshed with new rope!
skellymax - on 15 Jul 2014
In reply to Francis Charlesworth:

Hi Francis,

The long abseil tat/belay point (around a low/flat boulder) at the top of Totalitarian is well past its sell-by-date and should not be used at any cost. The rope is old and rotten and the metal work (krabs)is extremely corroded. I think we could benefit from this being replaced either that or we continue to use the vegetated and muddy/slippery decent route to the right of the crag.

All the best,

Dervey - on 16 Jul 2014
In reply to Francis Charlesworth:

Anyone know of any in Borrowdale that need looking at? Should be there with some free time on Friday.
MFB - on 26 Jul 2014
In reply to Petarghh:

The abb to the N of slipnot (up the ghyll)

i'm no expert but don't like this set up

essentially its one long sling (one knot)that has been coiled so you have 3 coils over the anchor

therefore any damage to any strand results in total failure

i will add some additional tat next time i'm there


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