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Sister Mad - on 07 Jul 2014
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My brother is Ed Drummond, a well known and respected climber and poet who sadly is now in the advanced stages of Parkinson's and also has cancer needing radiotherapy. Ed now needs long term care and 24 hour nursing and only has a very small pension.

So that he will not be wanting, we have set up a fund raiser Ed Drummond Parkinson and cancer fund at giveforward.com.

Your help will be much appreciated and please pass on this sad news.

Ed is well known for his first British ascent of The Nose on El Capitain plus many other climbs in Yosemite in the footsteps of Royale Robbins. He is well known in Uk for the first to climb The Long Hope and many others. His book A Dream of White Horses and the route on Anglesey will be well known to many of you.

Please help in any way you can.

Ed's Sister Mad

Donate Here - https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/9zg1/ed-drummond-s-parkinson-s-disease-and-cancer-fund
The Arch - on 07 Jul 2014
In reply to Sister Mad:

So sorry to hear that. Could you post a direct link to the givefor page?

Sister Mad - on 08 Jul 2014
In reply to The Arch:
Hallo - if you enter givefor.com/Ed Drummond Parkinson and cancer fund you should reach the site. Let me know if you experience any difficulties and many thanks for your interest.Ed'Sister Mad

Co1in H - on 08 Jul 2014
In reply to Sister Mad: I was priviledged to meet Ed when he spoke at Kendal the other year. We had a brief chat and he signed his book for me. I know that this doesn't sound like tough climber stuff but when I shook both hands with him he held on, just a little, and I got a really warm vibe from the man. (Yes I'm a child of the sixties). We all knew that he had not been well for some time but his presence was so strong.
A rebel, rock warrior in the true sense, political activist, artist and in his time the ultimate climber.
Could some of the "names" in the game look at some fundraisers?
This happens in the USA quite a lot. Jeff Lowe being a current example but Charlie Houston and Layton Kor are other recent examples of the climbing community fundraising for medical expenses.

mattrm - on 08 Jul 2014
In reply to Sister Mad:


I'm fairly sure that's the right link. Least that's what Google says.
Mick Ward - on 10 Jul 2014
In reply to mattrm:

It seemed to work OK for me earlier - and I'm a hopeless duffer at IT related things.

In the end, our struggles on the rock yield to struggles in our head. (In truth, it was always about struggles in our head.) It seemed to me that Ed Drummond fought magnificently on the rock. My guess is that he fought even harder in his head.

In the end, emotional pain dissolves ego, ambition, bombast... they all fall away. You're left with only one thing - the most important thing of all - love. Ultimately that's all that matters.

Death comes to us all and, sadly, it looks as though Ed Drummond is going to die relatively young. But my guess is that, in his life, he's won - not just on the rock but where it matters most.

pneame on 11 Jul 2014
In reply to Mick Ward:

Nicely put Mick

If everyone who has done DOWH contributed the price of a 1/2 pint, it would go a long way to helping - I'm normally a bit leery of these sorts of fund raising efforts, but in this case it's very sad to see someone who has contributed quite a bit to the culture of UK rock climbing have to endure the awful, safety-net-less end of life that passes for health care in the US.

There is very little in the way of end-of-life care if you are not wealthy. Even the good insurance that is available after 65 (Medicare) costs about 70 a month and you still have to come up with 20% of the payment to medics. Unless you are destitute then you will likely be eligible for Medicaid as well, but this is fairly dismal insurance
Sister Mad - on 12 Jul 2014
In reply to Mick Ward:

Thank you so much Mick for your words on Ed-I am very touched and thank you from the bottom of my heart.Ed's Sister Mad
Goucho on 12 Jul 2014
In reply to Sister Mad:

So sorry to hear this news.

I remember spending a day soloing around with Ed at Stanage - him effortlessly, me anxiously.

He leaves a legacy on rock of some brilliant and beautiful routes, and a legacy in writing to match - his essay in Hard Rock on Great Wall, is in my opinion, the most brilliant piece of climbing writing ever.

I shall of course be donating.

zukator - on 19 Jul 2014
In reply to Sister Mad:

I am very sorry to hear that Ed's condition has worsened and that his medical care depends on the American Health care system. Ed and I climbed together when he was at Bangor doing a post-grad Dip Ed. We did some new routes together (Red Square at Nesscliffe being the best known) I belayed him on the first ascent of the Strand and we did a number of second ascents of routes at Gogarth (Dinosaur, Winking Crack, etc.) He remains with me as one of the most charismatic characters that I've ever met. I hope that as climbers we will help one of our own who is now in need.
Sister Mad - on 19 Jul 2014
In reply to zukator:

Thank you Zukator-I am not a climber so am envious of your memories,mine are somewhat different but equally as precious. Though Ed did trick me once into climbing Gunsight Gully in Yosemite! Ed's Sister Mad
Michael Ryan - on 21 Jul 2014
paul mitchell - on 27 Jul 2014
In reply to Sister Mad:

Ed Drummond,one of the very best climbing writers,and a pretty handy on-sighter as well.
keith-ratcliffe on 30 Jul 2014
In reply to Paul Mitchell: Anyone viewing this thread who has never read "Mirror Mirror" by Ed Drummond should look it out - It is in the 'Games Climbers Play' compendium and several other places. Then you should donate to this fund. He is a brilliant writer & performer - no-one quite like him!

Sister Mad - on 01 Aug 2014
In reply to keith-ratcliffe:

Thank you so much Keith for your words. I am very proud of my brother's achievements and feel strongly he does not deserve what the immediate future holds for him. I am trying desperately to help his situation ASAP as he needs 24 hrs nursing now with a situation which will progress down a very slippery slope. Ed's Sister Mad. Donations please to Ed Drummond Parkinson and cancer fund at givefor.com
markK6 on 21 Aug 2014
Sister Mad - on 25 Aug 2014
In reply to markK6:

Many thanks extended to Mark Andrews who wrote this excellent article on Ed in the Express and Star Wolverhampton and also available on line. Great job done Mark. Ed's Sister Mad.
Sister Mad - on 25 Aug 2014
In reply to Co1in H:

Thanks for your words about Ed-much appreciated. Yes if anyone can do their.own fundraiser this would be wonderful. I was at the Kendall film festival that year with Ed and was struck how good and caring everyone was towards him. I am hoping I might go again this year, health permitting. Ed's Sister Mad.

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