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Topic - Wymper Couloir Conditions

NickNixon - on 12 Aug 2014
Hi guys!

Anyone know the conditions right now? There has been a fair amount of snowfall recently but don't know if it is in... Help would be amazing! :)
Webster - on 12 Aug 2014
In reply to NickNixon: you do know there are many wymper couloirs! he was very active at putting up first ascents!
rinch - on 13 Aug 2014
In reply to NickNixon:

Hey Nick, The last ascent on the Chamoniarde website (www.chamoniarde.com) was on the 27 of July (a bit old). That report described conditions as being good and metionned lots of snow. Obviously that's from a couple of weeks ago. The refuge du Couvercle website has an update from the 9th August saying it's "been done" also mentions that it's "moving a bit". Best idea is to call the Couvercle (refugeducouvercle.jimdo.com).

If you go and do it I'd be interested to hear how you get on. I'd like to have a crack at it myself but I can't get up there for a couple of weeks so I think it'll have to be next year.

NickNixon - on 13 Aug 2014
In reply to rinch:

Good stuff thanks. We went to the High Mountain Office today and they said the same as you and that after this "bad" weather the Couloir is likely to be in condition... will let you know how it goes.

NickNixon - on 29 Aug 2014
In reply to NickNixon:

Woah! Sorry about the delayed response! But if you haven't gone out yet and you're still thinking of doing the Wymper. There was lots of snow in it when we went and it was in good condition (17/08/2014). Go for it and enjoy! :)

cdpej on 07 Sep 2014
In reply to NickNixon:

I had the pleasure of doing it on thurs 4th sept guided by Rick Marchant. The bottom bit could have been better filled in, but the top half was fine. the summit ridge was exciting: no path, corniced and rotten snow in places. Its shaping up for a brilliant september in the Alps.

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