/ Gear left in Oz Wall Berry Head 22/8/14 after accident

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Kafoozalem - on 28 Aug 2014
My mate took a 46ft lead fall off Follow the Yellow Gouttes d'eau on Oz Wall on Sat 23rd Aug. He got away with a nasty swollen ankle but some gear got left high on the route as we extricated ourselves. I considered abseiling later that day but it was a bank holiday with lots of DWS going on and I felt it would be too dangerous to other climbers to abseil the loose top of the cliff. Nobody climbs on Oz Wall trad so I decided to pick it up in the coming week.

I went back to collect it today and was surprised that someone has removed it. Whilst I am ok with the idea of crag swag in some circumstances I think that this was a special case. Not only did he injure himself in a big fall, he was doing the route to help route check for the next S Devon Guide. He would be very grateful if the Metolious cam was returned. The QD on the peg was mine but I think it should be retired - it held a fall factor 1.

The topouts for the trad routes on OZ Wall are very dangerous. I have removed lots of loose rock today and will report back in more detail soon.
Kafoozalem - on 30 Aug 2014
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Kafoozalem - on 02 Sep 2014
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One more bump.

The area is a lot safer now. After several visits I have removed lots of loose rock, replaced the threads on Over the Rainbow and improved the bolt belay on Oz Court etc with an additional peg and maillon.
Cusco - on 02 Sep 2014
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Really sorry to hear about your mates fall and the gear disappearing.

I think the attitude of 'It's crag swag, tough' often seen on UKC is quite corrosive. I thought we were supposed to be a community not a bunch of selfish idiots.

A few weeks ago, someone found my prescription glasses I'd left at Berry Head after some DWS and sent them back to me... without charging me for postage even though I'd offered. That person was you, for which many thanks.

I hope your mate gets the gear back.


Ps I'd always wondered what Follow The Yellow... was like after Nick White's write up. I don't think I want to try it now!
Jenny Monkey - on 02 Sep 2014
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i have a couple of friends down south, so have sent a link to this in case they can help, it sucks that someone has nicked it after you guys were out there trying to make things safer for the rest of us.
John Mcshea - on 10 Sep 2014
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Hi Pete,
I've got the gear, I picked it up from the crag the day you saw me a week or two ago. I'm coming to Berry Head on Sunday if thats any help. Hope your friends ok,
Ladders - on 18 Sep 2014
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I'm the bloke who took the fall, so thanks very much for returning the gear, John. The cam was a Christmas gift from my dear old mum, and now I don't have to tell her I lost it.

A big thanks to Pete for posting on the forum, but also, I think from all of us, for the work he's been doing checking and re-equipping routes for the new guide book.

Also, thanks to you all for the good wishes. My ankle's still sore - it looks like I cracked a bone - but I think I got off quite lightly really.

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