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Topic - Teesdale Walks!

Take a look at Teesdale and you won't be disappointed! natural beauty around every corner and fun walks suitable for all the family! "Teesdale Challenge Walks" has all the information you need, find us on Facebook! or at www. teesdalechallengewalks .net
Offwidth - on 30 Aug 2014
In reply to Teesdale Challenge Walks:

If you want to use this site for advertising at least have the manners to investigate the site policy first and use the right forum, rather than spamming an access forum at random.
Andy Long - on 30 Aug 2014
In reply to Offwidth:

I agree. Plus the fact that there's next to bugger all climbing there, or indeed the Northern Pennines as a whole. Quite remarkable really, it being the largest area of land over 2000' in England. Geology is a cruel mistress.

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