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Simon Cahill - on 30 Aug 2014
I am visiting Bali next week and will have a few days spare. I need to stay on Bali rather than the nearby islands. Does anyone have information about climbing routes (I found a handful of routes on here but not much detail), if not climbing has anyone got information about day hikes.
KatOstrich on 30 Aug 2014
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Hiking up Mount Agung gives some pretty good views of the island, particularly at sunrise if you don't mind an early morning. Apparently there is a new more challenging route up which you should rope up for but I'm not sure. Although it's rather frowned upon to climb it without a guide.
climber34neil - on 30 Aug 2014
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There is climbing on bali at uluwatu, all bolted I think although I have no idea about the condition of the fixed gear now (was 24 years ago since I went!!
Simon Cahill - on 30 Aug 2014
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Thanks I will check that out.
Thelongcon - on 31 Aug 2014
In reply to Simon Cahill:

Yeah, there are some bolted routes in Uluwatu. To describe their safety as dubious would be generous. Rent a surfboard instead.
Simon Cahill - on 31 Aug 2014
In reply to Thelongcon:

Thanks, the climbing is not lighting my fire. I've had a little look at Mt Agung as suggested above. Has anyone else on here climbed Agung to the true summit, and / or have gps waypoints or a topo?

Martin Hore - on 31 Aug 2014
In reply to Simon Cahill:

I stayed at Permuteran in the NW of Bali - a much quieter (and more pleasant IMO) part of the island. From there I was able to join an organised trip up Kawah Ijen an active volcano just across the strait in Java. It was a long day with a 3.30am start for the ferry but I would recommend it. A 4WD takes you most of the way up the mountain - then it's a couple of hours walk. Great scenery and a very interesting primitive sulphur mining industry to observe - health and safety barely in evidence. The "guiding" was present but unobtrusive. It's a straightforward walk. Strictly Java is a malarial area (whereas Bali is not) but I didn't take precautions for the one day.
Tobes on 31 Aug 2014
In reply to Simon Cahill: From what I can remember (about 15 years ago) the hike up Mt Agung is worth doing otherwise a 2nd vote for surfing, did some diving which I think wasn't too bad and sampled the local speciality (mushroom tea) followed by a sunrise boat trip (pretty app) to watch dolphins, maaaan!

Simon Cahill - on 16 Sep 2014
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September 2014. So we went to Bali and stood on top of Mount Agung. More than a hike but not a climb, maybe an easy scramble would the right way to describe it. A very tough route up through the forest / bush on a very eroded path (1200m to 2600m). The path is steep in places with vines and random bits of string fixed for assistance. We had perfect weather meaning the path was in best possible condition, if wet i'd forget about trying it. Once out of the forest at around 2600m the rock path improves and going becomes easier but no less steep. The final 200m of ascent slowly climbs a wide ridge to the summit, the ridge path is wide enough at around 1m but a slip or fall especially in high wind could be very serious. Great views of the island from the summit at 3120m. We started at 11pm and got back to the car parked at Besaki Temple at 13-00hrs with an hours sleep just before the summit. Going at night was encouraged by the local guides; to see the sunrise, for me a more important factor was missing the daytime heat. the forest is shaded so ok but to be out on the ridge in the sun would be tough. Our guide was good others on the hill less so.
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The Bouldering Badger - on 16 Sep 2014
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Mount Batur at sunrise is certainly wort a look as well. I know you said you were just staying on Bali but have a look at Mount Rinjani on Lombok as well - amazing views.

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