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Topic - fallen heroes at standing stones. Back after a bad fall

pedrosanpb - on 02 Sep 2014
This is my log book post:

A few years ago I tried this when it was getting dark as the last climb of the evening, got to the ledge, put a cam in, moved up and fell. The cam ripped out and I took a big backwards fall, somersaulting and catching my left foot on a ledge as I fell, coming to a halt skimming the ground after my belayer moved backwards to take in as much slack as he could. I broke a bone in my foot which has left me with permanent pain and difficulty with any prolonged time on my feet. Last night I went back for the first time since the accident to try it again. I got past the move I fell on but stopped a couple of moves higher up. It was getting dark again, the midges were awful and I was pumped out through a combination of it being a pumpy route and the pure fear that I was battling. I now have a bit of a dilemma because I want to go back and finish it but the whole experience was so terrifying it has left me utterly drained. Looks like I've got a life's project ahead of me. Next time I'm going in daytime anyway...
- Lead dnf - 01/Sep/14 with Tony Ryland

Further to the above I would add my thanks to Oldham mountain rescue team for getting me off the moor when I fell, and Andrew, Andy, Steve, Adrian and Bob for sorting me out on the night, including getting my car back to Keighley afterwards!
Hardonicus - on 02 Sep 2014
In reply to pedrosanpb:

Just get strong enough to hang on long enough to place the copiuos good gear. That's my plan anyway - as a fellow failure I reckon it's E2.
pedrosanpb - on 02 Sep 2014
In reply to Hardonicus:

Cheers buddy sounds like a plan! It does seem tough at E1 but I'm hopelessly biased and unable to be sure. It might be severe and just me terrified of it!
999thAndy on 02 Sep 2014
In reply to pedrosanpb:

Top rope it.
20 years ago I fell of Steve's Dilemma at Hobson Moor and ended up with a broken wrist and no climbing all summer :(, if I had had any sense at all I'd have been up it on a top rope first...
pedrosanpb - on 02 Sep 2014
In reply to 999thAndy:

Yeah I might as well now I've well and truly lost the onsight!

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