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Topic - Hands on with MH Thermostatic hoody.

CharlieMack - on 03 Sep 2014
Has anyone had a hands on look at a Mountain Hardwear Thermostatic hoody? Just got some new MH stuff on sports pursuit and it looks too light to be true.
60g of their own synthetic insulation (which i really like in my Lamina sleeping bag) But the jacket only weighs 280g? Verses the Mountain Equipment one with 60g primaloft that comes in at 390g. Quite a big difference.

MH is 65 rather than 140 for the ME one though with their sale on... Hmm, decisions.
Mr-Cowdrey on 03 Sep 2014
In reply to CharlieMack:

Brilliant jacket :) I was quite amazed at how warm it was for it's weight. It's not 'super' warm like a belay jacket, but as a mid layer for skiing and alpine climbing, i can't fault it. I've used it on it's own with a short sleeved base layer sat around in Chamonix at about -1 and was warm. But layer it over a fleece and under a shell and you'll be toasty.

Bloodfire - on 03 Sep 2014
In reply to CharlieMack:

I have one without the hood and as I posted in another post, the problem with this jacket is, it takes over your wardrobe. Mine seems to fit every occasion so that it just goes everywhere with me. I've not tried any other synthetic jacket but for the 50 it cost me, its been fantastic. I haven't tested it in freeing temperatures yet but ultimately don't expect it to replace my down jacket (or want it to), I expect it to replace my fleeces, my wind proofs and 'hand around and it gets a bit chilly' top... all of which it does perfectly well. It even goes well as a smart jacket!
Mr-Cowdrey on 03 Sep 2014
In reply to Bloodfire:

I found this too! it was my go to jacket for pretty much everything over the winter. It's great how it packs away into it's own pocket and can be clipped to your harness when rock climbing for those chilly belays too. I was toying with the idea of using it as a super light belay jacket for scottish winter (combined with something like the Atom LT or Marmot Varient as an insulated mid layer over a fleece) but never got round to testing it.

My only gripe with it was the zips on the pockets had a tendency to snag quite often which was annoying.

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