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Heading for the Alps this summer and wondering about a stop-over on the long drive south? Chris Craggs suggests that a short visit to the Martinswand the best developed cliff in the Vosges mountains of France - might fit the bill.

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Doug on 20 Jul 2006
In reply to Alan James - UKC:
Was my 'local crag' back in the early 90s - never saw any Brits there then & no one I mentioned it to had ever heard of the place - its well worth a short detour.

Not mentioned are the CAF refuge near by (les Trois Fours), the pleasant walking or any of the other crags & bouldering areas. Anyone wanting a 'mountain' day might find the Spitzkoft (not sure of spelling) fun - its a long rocky arete starting in the forest not far from Martinswand & rising up to the crest of the Vosges, mostly easy but the odd move of III & some might want to rope up. Would probably make a good mixed route in winter.

The snowy gullies in the same corrie as the crag are about Scots I and are often skied, there is more serious winter climbing at Lac Blanc a few km away.

And the local cusine has a few specialites as well, such as Munster cheese, the local wines or dishes (try Beckeoffe) & cakes such as Kugelhopf
In reply to Doug:

I must admit we have visted the area several times and almost invariably have had the crags to ourselves - which is always nice!

Dux - on 20 Jul 2006
In reply to Doug:

Embarrassing admission: I thought Munster was a town in Ireland with a famous rugby club and a famous unpasteurised cheese...
Dr Avid - on 28 Jul 2006
In reply to Alan James - UKC: looks great.....

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