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Topic - The Beacon climbing centre :(

Lord_ash2000 - on 31 May 2007
Is it just me or is there a huge lack of routes beyond 6c in this place? Me and a friend decided to go last night as the weather was a bit iffy and we needed some route training. So we donned our harnesses and had a look for routes. Warmed up on a 6b of which there seems to be many, then went for a 7a next to it, did that then went looking for another route, found a 7a+, did that, then for the next route it seemed like there was only maybe one other 7a route which frankly looked crap and I ended up doing a 6c next to the route Id just climbed.

Worryingly although I didn't search too hard there didn't seem to be anything above 7a/7a+ in the whole centre, which considering its a decent sized wall with some ok overhangs you would expect at least up to 7c/7c+ routes as seems to be the rule of thumb with most climbing walls. I found this rather disappointing and considering the amount of climbing talent in the north Wales area Id have expected if anything for it to be a pretty hardcore venue.

As for the bouldering side of things, it does offer a range of quite hard problems although I was again disappointed to find that after not going for a couple of months they still had the same problems as last time, with only a few easy ones having been changed or added, again rather disappointing considering the 6 entry fee and having to travel out into the middle of nowhere to get to the place.

Has anyone else found this with the Beacon? I can understand they want to cater for beginners too but I don't think Ive ever been to a wall of that size that has such a lack of routes at a harder level.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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