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Topic - Scope creep... photography laws

Cerulean on 12 Feb 2009 - whois?
The agents of the state should never be anonymous....

Interesting this next step in the growth of the 'anti-terror' laws. Given that your average London bobby - and hobby bobby - thinks a bloke with an SLR photographing something vaguely different is building a portfolio of targets for 'Al Qaeda', and given that the dissemination of the web of new anti-freedom laws to constabularies about the UK is uneven at best, how is our government's enforcement agency going to handle charging people with an offence that could see your average Joe facing a ten-stretch - for taking a picture?

Police already think they have the right to make you delete pictures or turn over your equipment, so what happens if our public servants get the right to be anonymous, charge you with preparing an act of terrorism, and then detain you for a few weeks - for taking a picture?

I'm wondering when people will stop saying; 'Oh don't worry about it.' and 'What does it matter if you're not doing anything wrong?' and actually start becoming a little concerned about the ever-increasing far-reaching laws that already allow police to stop and search you on a whim. Now they'll be able to stop and search us, and arrest us, on a whim - and then take your DNA for the database - before questioning you for weeks and then booting you back onto the street, minus a memory card or two, your income, and possibly your professional reputation... - just for taking a picture.

Your photograph and DNA will be on record for next time though - just in case you step out of line...

(Excuse the rags:)

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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