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Topic - Petzl Nomic (Winter 11/12 Model) fault again??

Lamb - on 07 Jan 2012
I received my brand new, updated and 'fixed' Nomics back in September there. They have been subjected to 4 routes so far this season, plus a bit of dry tooling. Just back from 3 days in the Northern Corries and realised this morning that one of the pommels has started the wee wobble about, which my first 'faulty' pair did towards the end of last season.
I have dismantled both to take a look, for the one that's wobbling, the pommel tooth looks very very slightly worn, however the em placed 'fix', i.e. the higher grade metal part that Petzl have placed into the axe itself is moving about rather freely which it did not do when I first received the new pair, and to be honest, I think with just a little concerted effort I reckon I could remove the new part from the axe. My other axe which is still solid, the new part is still pretty rigid in place and only moves a fraction.
I reckon my pommel is wobbling due to the play within the new part fixed in the axe shaft and not the actual wearing of teeth this time round. My worry is as to why the new part has began to move about. Obviously the part is free, i.e. it is not welded in place and sits in the socket drilled out for it, however it appears with just a little use this season it has been moved about enough to begin to work free. Now, am I correct in thinking that the new part is of a higher grade metal than the shaft itself? If this is the case, then surely with more use and subsequent movement, the new part will begin to wear away the socket drilled for it and eventually fall out?
For the moment I have just tightened up with an alan key the pommel and it is now not moving, however this is exactly what I had to do with the first pair, and obviously before I used the axes this season the pommel was not moving and the screw was not as tight.
Is anyone with the new pairs having any issues or has anyone heard of such issues? I think I may recollect Dane mentioning something about this however I may be incorrect?

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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