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Topic - al-Megrahi and the SCCRC

Jim Fraser - on 27 Feb 2012
In Aug 2009, Pual F asked us the question "Has the release of Megrahi damaged the international reputation of Scotland?"

A month later, skog suggested "Looks like this isn't going away as quietly as some might have hoped."

Al Jazeera have just broadcast their documentary 'Lockerbie: Case Closed'. This focuses principally on the evidence that went to the Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission resulting in an appeal that never progressed to court. The programme is repeated Tues 28th, Wed 29th, Thur 1st.

Link to news story about programme.

Because the Commission cannot release their material the circumstances of the withdrawn appeal, the programme bypasses them and goes directly to the investigators who obtained the evidence that the Commission examined.

Some of you may not want to watch it because it might conflict with your perception of reality. That's fine. Have another fluoxetine-hydrochloride and a nice cup of tea and a repeat of the The Truman Show is sure to be coming up on a satellite channel somewhere soon.

While the rest of you are waiting for the Al Jazeera repeat to come along, try this next link. If it ever made the news in the UK then it must have been on a bulletin at three in the morning.

UN Observer's report (on the trial at Kamp van Zeist) to the Secretary General.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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