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Topic - Who coined the phrase bouldering and who is Mrs Raeburn?

winhill - on 27 Mar 2012
Two connected questions here, it gives a quote from a Mrs Harold Raeburn in Burbage, Millstone and Beyond, taken from Raeburn's Mountaineering Art:

It is greatly to be recommended to the girl novice,
and to all novices, to practise " bouldering " as much
as possible, and for the girl, to select these boulder
climbs, where activity and balance are of greater value
than muscular strength and arm-pulls. She will there,
often be able to show a more experienced and much
more powerful man, how a short piece of difficult rock
can be climbed with ease and grace. Unless the climb
is under ten feet in height, with a good turf landing, the
rope should always be put on. Below that height no
injury should occur to any young person who takes care
to alight a la chat, on feet and hands at the same time.

Although dated 1920, it was written a few years earlier before WW1 - so when did 'bouldering' start?

In the guide it is attributed to Mrs Harold Raeburn but in fact it was written by Ruth Raeburn, who was Raeburn's sister, not his wife (or is the BMC casting aspersions on their relationship?)

Or is it just that the male dominated patriachy can't conceive of a woman as anything else other than her relationship viz a viz a man and conspires to keep our sisters oppressed and downtrodden.... (cont p94)

I wonder if Craggy could use the stuff about girlies jumping down ten feet in their defence?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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