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Topic - Science or other interesting audio book recommendations

Jaffacake - on 04 Apr 2012
My shiny new insy winsy teeny weeny van sadly does not take my mp3 player, lacking CD's I've been listening to Radio 4 and found I particularly enjoyed the science programs.

So I'm thinking I should find some interesting audio books to listen to. I only really do longer journeys, mostly on my own and it's nice to have something to occupy my brain with for the time.

Anyone got some recommendations of interesting, er, 'reads'.

Also recommendations of good places to get audiobooks from without restrictive DRM, I'm likely to put them on my phone but in the mean time am using CD's.

I've looked at audible but that says you can only burn each to CD once. Unfortunately I am a master CD destroyer and am lucky to get two listens out of a disc before it has become too scratched to listen to (largely due to not taking much care of them when I'm driving, as I'm more concerned about the driving part rather than carefully re-inserting a cd into a case, so tend to just chuck the CD onto the (usually slightly muddy) chair next to me to worry about when I stop, by which time it's usually too late, although my old cd drives may also have played a part), so I'd rather be able to burn it multiple times to account for my incapability to look after a disc. I'm sure the DRM can be stripped, but doesn't that make it just as illegal as using a pirate version in the first place? Just thought I'd investigate if there are any alternatives without the DRM before I just suck it up and try not to destroy CD's (/strip the DRM when I ultimately fail).
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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