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Topic - Weight/hip shifting? (Youtube video)

Taurig - on 07 Apr 2012
So I started my climbing career a few months back going to the local bouldering wall once a week, but my mate that I go with and I have agreed that we have already plateaud at our natural ability level. Now we're just trying to haul ourselves up harder routes using brute force, with limited success, and it is time to learn some actual technique!

I've ordered a rock climbing basics book, but until that arrives I'm stuck with youtube videos. A couple of things I've picked up is that you should climb with your feet and hang on straight arms, both of which make sense and I've already been using them at the wall. Then I saw this video:

At 1:14 the guys second rule is about shifting your weight about. I already knew that you should move your mass over your higher foot to free up the other, but this dude is talking about rotating your hips and feet to be side on to the wall, and I don't get it.

Not being at the wall at the moment, I can't see how this makes it easier, in fact if it was on any sort of overhang I can only imagine it making it harder, as you would have to pull yourself up and in towards the wall. So far, about the only times I have tried being side to the wall and then reached for a hold I have barn doored. Really I've just been climbing almost entirely face into the wall. Am I missing a trick here? Is rotating your hips into the wall something you should do on the majority of holds? What about overhangs?

Thanks for any advice, and if you know of any good instructional videos online, I'd be grateful to see them.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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