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Topic - Anchor set-up (MS Paint diagram)

Taurig - on 12 Apr 2012
Hi, myself and a mate would like to progress from the indoor bouldering wall to some outdoor climbing, and we have a local crag that seems suitable for some top roping (belayer at top, not bottom). Unfortunately we don't know anyone that can teach us, but I've been studying the Libby Peter book, reading threads on here, and with a good dose of common sense I'm hoping we should be OK.

So one of the routes we want to top rope has an absoloutely solid tree as an anchor, but its about 10m back from the cliff edge. At first I thought about using a 240cm sling around it and clipping the climbing rope in, but the tree is pretty big and I think the angle at the sling would be way over 60 degrees. So my next thought was using 20-odd metres of static rope around it, in conjunction with a sling round a smaller anchor nearer the edge. I have produced this stunning MS Paint diagram of what I was planning on setting up (missing out belay device etc. for the moment).

I was wondering if anyone could say a) if this looks like a decent set-up and, what was also concerning me, b) is the reef knot with double stoppers a good way of joining up the ends of the static rope? I thought it would be best to effectively make a big sling out of it but wasn't sure on the best knot to do so, I thought the overhand knot might suffer if the ends were pulled 180 degrees?

Thanks for any help.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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