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Topic - Unmissable world food

Alyson - on 13 Apr 2012
On the Friday before last I stood gazing at a slightly depressing 'Taste of Britain' display in the departure lounge at Manchester airport, where you could buy a last minute box of Tetley teabags/can of beans/jar of marmite before venturing out into the culinary unknown of Abroad.

To me, tasting and sharing the food of a place is a huge and wonderful part of the travel experience (not to mention of life) so I would love to hear where people have had their best food moments. Here are a few of mine to kick things off....

- street food in Thailand. In Bangkok, juxtaposed with the bright and all too familiar Western fast food outlets lining Sukhumvit, was a little place with some plastic tables and chairs and a piece of plastic sheeting as a sort of roof and one lady with a wok on a cart. It was the sort of place which looked utterly temporary but had probably been there a decade, and for the equivalent of about 90p she made me the most delicious plate of Pad Thai you can possibly imagine. I had countless tasty meals and snacks cooked on rickety old carts while I was there, but that first one was the best.

- the world's greatest hot chocolate in Geneva. It was treated with all the seriousness you would give to a perfect espresso, and served in a similarly small cup. No mound of sickly squirty cream on top and not a marshmallow in sight.

- amazing venison stew served by candlelight in a French alpine hut, the delightful Refuge du Bonhomme. They make their own bread and cakes, and you drink tea and coffee out of earthenware bowls. It had a kind of homely perfection I really loved.

- simple bowl of pasta with freshly made pesto sauce, in the garden of someone I didn't know in Italy (long story). The hospitality as much as the food was memorable.

- spankingly fresh scallops in a bit of garlic butter on the quayside at Oban. Oh, and the completely magnificent smoked trout paté from the Hebridean smokehouse on North Uist - eaten with oatcakes while sitting on the beach and washed down with a tot of Black Bottle. Mmmm! Recreating this in my front room in Sheffield is not quite the same but it doesn't stop me trying.

If I was going to eat my way around the world, what should I make sure I don't miss?
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