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Topic - The mysterious "old town quarry" in Weston Super Mare???

Quarryboy - on 24 Apr 2012
I had noticed this quarry on numerous occasions from a window at Weston college where I study and only today finally bothered to walk over to it and have a proper look.

When I got there I was actually suprisingly impressed by its scale and atmosphere. This thing is definitely one of the more impressive quarries around with some really awesome looking lines on from what I could see as pretty good rock. Walked closer to it and was asked what I wanted by someone who worked in some kind of DIY shop nearby.

I asked if he knew of anyone who had ever done any routes there and he told me about how climbing was very dangerous and that no one had ever climbed there before. from the tone of his voice I also gathered that someone must own it and that whoever this was just didn't want climbers there at all.

Anyone else know anything about this rater large but mysterious quarry in the Weston Super Mare hillside? dead curious now.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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