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Topic - Aconcagua February 2012

andrewm1000 on 09 May 2012
Just to say that i had a great trip to Aconcagua with Summit Climb in February. Lost 5kg, still recovering and now starting to look at photos and reflect. This is also to note my trip on UKC for anyone planning a trip for next year and searching UKC for info. Don't hesitate to email for info-.

1) v. cold mountain. my Oly Mons were perfect. I wouldn't have wanted to wear anything less. Met a few people with cold toes and no safety margin. The scree did slight damage to a small area of sole on one boot but nothing preventing future use.
2) my gloves were woefully inadequate (BD Guides)and borrowed mitts saved my summit day.
3) met someone coming down from above camp 3 with numb fingers, someone else with early snow blindness and no glasses/goggles. The mountain attracts all sorts because the normal route is described as a non-technical high altitude walk but its a 7000m very cold mountain and planning needs careful thought.
4) i was only mildly enthusiastic when i went (using the trip for fitness and acclimatisation) but came back loving the mountain. Great trip and I'd love to go again someday.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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