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Topic - water supply leak - neighbour understanding

gingerdave13 - on 23 May 2012
Just a question of neighbourly understanding really..

Had a supply pipe leak for almost 3 weeks now, reported it to the water board who came out after 2wks and dug a shoddy hole, cut through a electricity cable and then departed not fixing the leak.

Got an external plumber co to quote and it's now booked in for tuesday (earliest possible). Neighbour has been aware of the issues we've had with this.

Unfortunately when the hole was dug, the flow of water is such that it's heading more towards her property now (previously was all towards ours). She's just had a new damp proof course installed and i think is a bit antsy.

This morning came round and asked that we sort it out. Since i'm no plumber and don't exactly have a supply of sandbags what is she expecting? I may be able to 'direct' the flow towards a drain, but it's not like i'm going to create an irrigation ditch in concrete...

I've made all reasonable efforts to have this fixed promptly (it's not like I like having a water leak on my property). Am i being unreasonable or is she just venting off.

p.s convo was to my missus after i'd left this morning, but it wasn't a slanging match.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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