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Topic - Is this the future of mountaineering.........

SimonHolloway1 - on 25 May 2012

I'm not in any way trying to diminish Leanna's achievement, she is a lot more hardcore than I am, but I cant help but notice one particular section and feel a little sickened that this is what modern mountaineering has come to:

"there were quite a few bodies attached to the fixed lines and we had to walk round them...there were a couple who were still alive".

This is just like with David Sharp's death in 2006 on everest, where loads of people walked straight past him, and only a couple of people (Russell Brice and a couple of sherpas) attempted to help.

I have never been to high altitude and I will accept that at that height, rescue is very difficult. But the fact that Everest has now become so bastardised and those that pay to climb it are so disgustingly obsessed is weird!

I always thought mountaineering is done out of enjoyment of the mountains, but from this behaviour it does seem that the parties are too gung-ho and selfish. Is a summit picture to brag about when they get back to their office job SO important that they forget about their fellow human beings?! I'm not even sure what a client could do to help.....but maybe that is the problem? Should the leaders help?

If any of us were leading a group up the Clogwyn y Person arete, and we came across someone needing help, would we just climb past because the group had paid to get to the summit? No! I'm sure some smart arse will comment saying that the situations are not the same, but I think that the principle is the same.

In an article for the New Zealand Herald Sir Edmund Hillary described this attitude of leaving people dying on Everest as “horrifying”, in the same article Graham Dingle is says “...the tradition of always helping a fellow mountaineer in trouble is being overtaken by ambition and the large sums of money tied up in any climb of the mountain. People who should not be on the mountain were now climbing it…”

What do other people think?

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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