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Topic - Human rights in China a big priority, Turkey not so.

duzinga - on 01 Jun 2012
A previous post by someone blaming BBC for manipulation by using Iraq images for the Syrian killings got me thinking. Well aren't they [manipulating]? I keep reading how terrible the human rights are in China on BBC everyday, and what I read there are no worse than what is happening in Turkey and the neighbouring countries. Yet nothing gets reported about the shitty human rights in Turkey.

Some recent news from Turkey that never got reported on BBC.

1. A guy who got pepper sprayed, even though he told the police that he had asthma, died. His family also got pepper sprayed by the police, because they wanted to protest their son's death.
2. The Minister of Health declared that "the state will take care of the baby of a woman who is raped", and the women do not have the right to take a decision of abortion by themselves even in these cases.
3. The Minister further declared that the new bill proposal on banning abortion will be presented to the parliament in June. The Prime Minister said that he feels personally responsible not only for abortion but also for caesarian procedure.
4. The new law banning the right to strike to airline workers just passed.
5. 300 Turkish Airlines employees were fired because they went on strike.
6. Tobacco and alcohol prices were raised by %15.
7. The police force switched to using iron batons.
8. An investigation was started regarding 103 lawyers who defended pro-Kurdish activists, politicians, journalists, academics, students in the recent "KCK" case.
9. Esra Arsan, associate professor, was fired from one of the most "liberal" universities after she was called a terrorist by an ultra-religious newspaper. So much for the tenure...
10. The Minister of Health declared that the liberty for abortion is a product of the military coup in 1980 "12 Eylül".
11. "12 people are pressed for charges for the negative comments they made on facebook about Erdogan's abortion 'discussion'"
12.The office of the chief public prosecutor has sent a report to the Ministry of Justice to remove the privilege of immunity of 8 oppositional deputy members.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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