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Sam_Marsland - on 10 Jun 2012
I was climbing in my local wall the other day, and had a small group of around 3/4 people. All brand new to the sport and were along for a taster and just wanted to get on some routes.

We went over to the top ropes and I tied a figure of eight on a bight, with a stopper knot and put a krab on the loop. This eliminated the phaff of keep tying each individual member in with a re-threaded figure of eight. I screwed up every lean myself and checked all systems before committing people onto the wall and it proved efficient and quick and a lot of climbing was enjoyed by all.

However I was later approached by a member of staff asking me not to use this method and although I understand the wall has rules and will acknowledge their request in the future i just wanted a gauge of peoples opinions, whether they believe it compromises safety or whether it be legitimate?

Note: if any on the group wanted to progress and take to the sport I would teach them properly how to tie in and explain all forms of safety.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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