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Topic - Grading system at the arch/BF

Slimneck - on 29 Jul 2012
Does anyone else find the grading system odd at these two walls? I'm not talking about the actual grades of the problems, but rather how they label them. For example:
A Circuit is V4 - V6. Instead of labelling climbs individually with a grade on the bottom hold we have to decipher hieroglyphics and come to a fairly vague conclusion as to what we are about to attempt/have just achieved.

Now I realise that grading is a fairly vague business anyway and depends on all sorts of things. I also like the idea of a crux problem on each circuit. But I do get a bit tired of trekking back and forth to find out what I'm climbing.

Maybe I'm just obsessed with grades. Maybe I should take the stick out of my arse and go with the flow. But I do find it a bit odd. Especially as they have to write the route number on the bottom hold anyway.

Anyone else find it slightly pointless?

P.S. I otherwise have found the centres to be great. Fun, varied problems and the staff, particularly at the BF are very friendly.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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