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Topic - Collision with a car

Voltemands - on 31 Jul 2012
Hello UKC collective. Have been stuck in hospital for 36 hours after a prang. I'd like some people's advice on bike accidents, not that I hope many of you have had them but these things happen.

Was riding too work yesterday, after a long down hill stretch i had a fair speed gong - 27 mph ish. A car pulls up on the other side of the road (so facing up hill) indicating to it's right, ironically into a hospital. The female driver makes no move to move in, after about 3 seconds the distance between us has narrowed a lot. At this point the driver decides to make the manoeuvre (her) right across my lane - as slow as humanly possible.

So unfortunately, I was faced with two very horrible choices. Either go into her, as she's fully blocking my side or head toward the wrong side of the road into on coming traffic - that I could see was coming!

I did break aggressively but It was way too late to break completely, we were just so close by the time she turned.

Natural instinct kicked in and two things occurred. For all the good it did me, I started screaming at the car - I've an awful temper when not reigned in. Second, swerved to my right probably thinking I could other just make it between cars or at least come away with a glancing hit of the back of the car. Rather than dead on. Well it worked! I impacted the cars rear left side, between the door/lights. Im sure I then bounced off and rightward, hitting the deck and sliding too a halt in the center of the road. My hands were over the hoods, so basically punched the car with my left hand at speed.

I'm mostly pretty proud of how level headed I stayed at this point, mostly. I immediately stood up and got off the road. A car stops behind me and my good Samaritan enters. She grabs my bike out of the road, begins to drop her back seats and load my bike in. The driver of my moving hurdle eventually gets out of her car then, which completed its manoeuvre into the car park entrance. After staring at me for about a minute without a word I shove my left hand in her face so that she can get a good luck in particular at my index finger, the very deep laceration across the top of it and the bone protruding out! "look at what your stupidity has done!" blood pissing out all over the pavement. Her only response was " I thought I could make it" which I guess is logical... I demanded to see her NHS ID that was poking out of her pocket and commited her name to memory.

From what my samaritan is saying at this point she clearly wants to drive me the 20 miles to the nearest A/E through traffic. But it obvious too me I only have about ten minutes until my endorphins run out and shock kicks in so walk into the minor injuries unit of this small hospital only too find they're closed.

We call an ambulance and wait in the fresh air. My NHS worker has at his point parked up and gone to hide in the hospital somewhere. Luckily i had a great EMT and my Samaritan takes my bike so as to drop it off when I'm fixed up.

The police attended on scene to take details and disappeared too find the NHS worker. I've no heard from them yet.

List of medals -
1) lacerated left hand in general over the tops of all fingers
2) badly lacerated index finger with a broken /snapped section right at the junction of where the two top bones meet - this required GA for removal debridlement, bone removaland to wire the finger.
3) road rash on legs and right handrash/puncture holes on right hip, visible fatty layers beneath. Needed flushing extensively, 12 sutures and ~8 butterfly stitches.
5) pretty bad bruising of right shoulder/elbow/hip from impact

Thank god I'm alive eh! That's one thing. And my legs minus the soar hip are great, at least I'll be able too go for walks!

Now that my grim and long story is out of the way, hope you enjoyed it ;-) - on that description What should I do? I'm thinking that if she seems truly sorry and sorts me out with bike repairs, new helmet (took a wipper) and replaces all the peripherals covered in blood , then any sort of law action is only going to cause unneeded anguish? Do I sue for that sort of stupidity?

Anyone had similar cases?
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