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Topic - need advice winter climbing begginer equipment partner and plan

Fernando Sommacal - on 04 Aug 2012
Hi, there.

I want to star mountaineering snow climbing. My goal is to climbing Everest without oxigen (by the easiest route).

So what should I do? I went to a local climbing arena and the said that indoor climbing would not be really useful for that. They indicate me to go to ice factor in kinlochleven. Though I was looking people climbing and it seems fairly straightforward what you need to do. I not up to pay 50 quid for somebody to teach me how to use the equipment. I can read that and try out in a small slope. Or as on internet found 2000 quid for a training session in Eager with a professional.

Do these course teach you? I know that if you are up near summit and you need to climb a rocky negative slope all that climbing hours indoor will help because builds confidence, you know what to do. Though, I read everest is an easy climb. Not technical. Therefore Ill sure myself that I get utterly fit to face it.

I am clueless how do I start in that. Any help? Bear in mind I don't want to waste money. I was thinking of going to Ben Davis, Eager, mont blanc, then Everest. I know I need to be really fit as I am not a climber. And it guess it will have to be in alpine style Like sky run. For the everest I will need a Sherpa. And an expedition to get there. If needed I would also fancy climbing an easy 8000 chi yoo as preparation.

My equipment can be second hand. Just the vital ones prefer new. So what do I need? How much will it cost? For now the beginning is alright if I get only the basic stuff.

I am working 8 hours day 6 days a week on minimal,wages. . Wherever I can go jogging.

I live in Edinburgh.22 years old. Athletic shape, however I am weak in force, never went to the gym(I am starting in august to go to). I ve been jogging and commute cycling quite a lot.I am lung fit.

I have never climbed before.

I am after smart advice.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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