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Topic - dSLR or "bridge"?

Carolyn - on 06 Aug 2012
OK, UKC, sort me out....!

My dSLR appears to have died - it's an old d70 that's had the ongoing issue of sometimes deciding it couldn't read/write to its card, but that now appears to be a permanent problem that's probably not worth a repair.

But do I want a newer dSLR, or a bridge - I have to admit to being rather taken by the glossy ads for the Olympus PEN series, but am open to other suggestions ;-) I'm not wedded to any particular brand, as I never got round to buying additional lens for the Nikon as two young kids rather took over from photography.

I want more control than your average compact. I've used a film SLR in the past, so understand aperture/depth of field/shutter speed kind of relationships, and would prefer to be able to control these a little more directly than choosing a "mode" (because I can never quite remember which does what....). Definitely want a tripod mount. Would like the option of an optical/electronic viewfinder. Want to be able to add decent lenses. Would be nice to do long exposures, and be able to mount filters fairly easily. Maybe able to mount an external flash.

The smaller size of the PENs (or other bridges - what's worth a look?) has a fair appeal, as I'm usually lugging round a selection of kids clothes/snacks/etc as well as a camera, or taking it on an early morning fell run - rarely a dedicated photography trip as such.

So, what does the collective wisdom of UKC recommend?
(I seem to have a significant birthday coming up, so can probably spend a reasonable amount...... just don't tell the husband. Whoops, he's probably read it now....!)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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