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Topic - Rechargable AA's for a headtorch - any battery geeks?

Ben Sharp - on 14 Aug 2012
I'm looking for some info on the best types of rechargeable batteries to use with an RXP headtorch. I have very little knowledge of what to look for in the batteries or the chargers so any info would be much appreciated. I know there are a few people here with an unhealthy knowledge of batteries so hopefully someone can enlighten me.

My knowledge pretty much finishes with "the more mAh the better", which is probably far from the whole story. For example I'm guessing that some ebay 2900mAh batteries from china are going to be rubbish compared to a higher quality set of 2600mAh.

I was wondering if I should just pick up a set of AA 2500mAh NiMH from the supermarket or if I'd notice much difference with a higher capacity set. There's a charger and set of 4 Ansmann 2850mAh for 17 here ( which seems like good value.

Any other insights into rechargeable batteries would be welcome: Are there any disadvantages to getting a set with higher mAh? Are there any other things to look for? Can you pretty much charge any rechargeable battery with any charger or are there chargers to avoid/features to look out for? Is Ni-MH the only option with rechargable AA's or are there better alternatives?


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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