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a_faulding on 24 Aug 2012 -
Hi all,

I've done some climbing a few years ago but when looking online and in books to refresh my memory I've seen different ways of tying a rethreaded figure 8.. I'm aware that there may be more than one way to tie the same knot, but my confusion comes when the final knots do not look exactly the same. Surely there is a best/strongest way?

Some start by threading the rope from the right and finishing on the right, others starting on the right, finishing on the left and vice versa.

I seem to remember tying in like this: ...leaving a nice, neat looking knot.

An example of another way is starting on the right and finishing on the right: (This is the same way shown in freedom of the hills).

So, are both ways right? Or is one way more right than the other?

This is not a troll post, just a very basic question I'd appreciate clearing up from someone who knows!

And yes, when I do decide to start roped climbing, I will be going with a qualified instructor!

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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