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Topic - UKC fit club 284

Daniel Heath - on 26 Aug 2012
Big thanks to Biscuit, AJM, SeanKenny, Nomics4Sale and Grubes for filling in for me the last couple of months. Forgive me if I have missed anything big, I’ve just skimmed through the last few weeks.
UKC Fit Club is not a substitute for the training diary but to use with ( or without ) it as a motivational tool for all.

For those wanting to find out more about training for climbing a number of physical training articles here:

A new thread is posted each week on Sunday for anyone to jot down their previous week's activity, noting goals, successes and failures and to swap ideas.

Anyone interested in starting is very welcome but you should aim to post each week, every week, however little or much you have done. By making such a regular public record of your activities and by restating your goals every week this new habit will hopefully improve your training habits to help achieve your goals whatever the level of your chosen activity.

Link to last week's (283) thread:
Sankey – Pembroke is my favourite trad place in the UK. Just noticed Cinque Torre in there as well, possible my favourite all round crag in the world! 6 Pitch HVS is a good effort.
Joughton – Wow dude you have a beefy logbook now, to the point where I glance over everything less than E4. I’m jealous of Bloody Sunday, my mate will be jealous of High Plains. Well done on another E5, and consistent 5.12b onsights! It’s cool to see you improve steadily with no signs of plateuing just yet.
SeanKenny – Have a good time and climb hard.
Eagle River – Hope you get your 7b+ soon mate. I wonder if you’ve been reading Dave Mac’s blog, some hardcore redpointing perseverance there!
Grubes – Looks like you’ve been pretty active in different places, notably the Almscliff initiation! Couldn’t help notice your first UK 7a this week. Congrats mate.
Si_dH – Good to see another 7b and an E3 onsight mates. Looks like you’re getting good volume of training in too.
Maria85 – Welcome Maria. All those big multipitches at tough grades sound awesome. Wow that’s a lot of goals. Looking forward to seeing you achieve them in coming months. About fear of falling, the “never say take” motto helps me personally.
MrChewey – Seamstress is a great intro to slate, glad you like it. Well done falling off so much as well. It’s always good to just go for it on hard efforts.
Nomics4Sale – Good to see such a positive post, and congrats on your first E1! Having a climbing partner dragging you up E4s sounds ideal as well.
Ian Bell – Strong performance on sport mate. Don’t hold back though, if you can top rope 7a+ you can lead it!
Kevster – Nice logbook dude, congrats on all those classics at Cromlech and Millstone (and Goose Creature).
Biscuit – 6b+ onsight in trainers is pretty good! I like your motivation with the fat scales; I’ll try to feed off that as I need to get a sustainable diet together now.
Mattrm – You seem to be fitting a lot of activity in. Hope to see you get back under 12 stone soon mate.
Hokkyokusei – You’ve been really consistent up till now. Hopefully you can achieve the running and climbing centre goals too.
Jimmy Kay – Hope you feel back to full strength again soon.
NMN – I often find a change of scenery a good excuse to go for an extra run. Anyway hope you find motivation from somewhere.
Pebbles – That’s a very healthy logbook, lots of classics on gritstone. Congrats on the crucifix.
Ayuplass – You chose quite an exciting route to get back on HS! Good work. I guess you could try to define your goals and then people will offer specific advice. I found sport climbing really helpful as it gave me much more confidence in movement outdoors which helped my trad climbing. Depending on how much motivation you’ve been drumming up, I recommend circuits on a bouldering wall. Generally, about 30 moves or so you’re really pumped, then a few minutes rest. You improve fast, but it’s boring (until you get addicted to it).
Leon – Great work on those E1/2s and Font 7as mate. Strong. BTW you mentioned mantles, but you seemed to describe rockovers (something I can relate to as standing up on one foot often feels precarious on a slab).
Curious Yellow – Maybe you needed the rest after a duff couple of weeks previous.
Richard Popp – Congrats on being clear for so long. Agree with grubes – try a 7a? 18 routes is pretty good.
Quiddity – It’s nice to read what you’ve been up to after ticking FT way back. That’s some great volume indoors.
AJM – Congrats on your 7bs and 7b+s! Great work.
IainRUK – Congratulations on your marathon result Iain, I guess you stayed with Matt Roberts for most of the race? Strong times.
Ali – Hope you smash Want Out soon. Well done on getting consistent variety of training in.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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