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Topic - Buying gear

tajasel - on 08 Sep 2012
I climbed a little as a kid and 15 years later, I've rediscovered my long-lost love after getting a job with an activity holiday company this summer.

I have a helmet, as one of my dad's friends gave him his as a spare when he emigrated, and I've been given a harness on loan from a friend who's not doing much climbing at the moment, on the condition I buy myself one in the end-of-season sales. I've got a spring stitchplate and krab for belaying too, but I'm climbing in a pair of barefoot approach shoes and borrowing others' chalk.

And my stitchplate keeps getting amused looks and questions like "which antique shop did you find THAT in?"

So I want to buy some new gear - well: shoes, a harness, a chalkball and a bag. I've been told there's no point shelling out right now, especially since I'm a broke apprentice, as the end of season sales will happen soon enough. I know the chalk/bag won't reduce greatly in price, but hopefully I can get a good deal on a harness and shoes.

My only problem is: I don't know WHEN the end of season sales are? I googled a bit, and mostly found results for other countries, and people arguing that the climbing season never ends 'cos you can just go to the southern hemisphere when it gets too cold in the UK.

So I don't know at all when to start looking for the sales. Help?!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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