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Topic - Workout routine based around climbing - general advice please

geebus - on 16 Sep 2012
I'm looking to build a workout routine around climbing, but despite lots of googling, still unsure of how to structure it etc.

Climbing two or three days a week; presuming I should be building a workout routine around that; ie so I'm not trying to go for my pull-up record the day before a climbing session.

I'm specifically looking for advice on how to structure general workouts around climbing, especially when we're talking evening climbing sessions.
But any general suggestions welcome too.

I'm now not getting far off my weight-goal (am at 12st4lb of 11st6lb - I started on around 16st in may), at which point I plan to start making a decent effort to bulk up a bit. However, I might as well start now; especially getting used to 'core' exercise which I certainly need more of (dodgy back accepting).

When I get the space/time at work, I've got dumbells, incline/decline bench and a multigym to set up. Oh and about 300 climbing holds to get set up on some of the racking!

Over a week or so I want:
2 or 3 indoor bouldering/climbing sessions.
Some HIIT maybe
Lots of abs specific work.
Some running and some cycling. I fancy giving a trialthon a go next year (my swimming really sucks at the moment), so possibly even combine these into the same day if I've got time.
Some 'normal' weights using dumbbells - though maybe this could just be covered by the HIIT sessions?

Running and cycling will be weather dependant.

Also add in lots of dog walking too (irrelevant generally, but more calories burnt etc :), even after doing lots of hard exercise, I'm still happy to go for a 3 mile+ dog walk if I have the time and it shouldn't get in the way of other stuff I reckon.) Daily cycling to get around rather than the van where possible.

Any thoughts?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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