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Topic - Crime and punishment - explain it to me please. (not the book)

Enty - on 05 Oct 2012
Am I normal? I'm sure some UKC'ers would think I'm subnormal when they read what I've put below.

However, we got burgled last night and they even came into the same room where me, Mrs. Ent and Little Ent were sleeping.
If a genie jumped out of a bottle and said Enty what fate would you like for the burglar? I'd say wrap him in duct tape, put him on the floor in front of me and give me a blow torch - I really do stand by this - I honestly would do it!

If anyone says wait until you've calmed down a bit. If I could find him, I'd do the same to the guy who robbed my car in 1995.

What should we do with these scrotes? I remeber the US doing 3 strikes then life. I'f happily pay more tax to have massive prisons full of lifers. 15 years for breaking into someones house would be a deterrent I'm sure.

(Please - I don't care what upbringing they had.)


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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