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Pids - on 13 Oct 2012
Have a duvet jacket that needs cleaned - stick in the washing machine, dry cleaners or is it worth sending back to Rab for them to clean it?
Or something else.?
Stuart the postie - on 13 Oct 2012
In reply to Pids:

Hi There,

I have washed my duvet twice, first time with TX10, second time with regular washing powder. Both times they came out fine!

Tumbledry for about 3hrs, with a trainer or similar to break up feathers.

Daunting at first, not as bad as expected (have even washed a 300g down bag, similar results).

Are you about this season?

CMcBain - on 13 Oct 2012
In reply to Pids:

Washed my down jacket recently. Followed the washing instructions on the label, used the Grangers wash stuff then took it to a laundrette and tumble dried for a couple of hours with some tennis balls.

When I took it out the washing machine at first it looked quite bad, but plumped up nicely after the tumble drying.

Hope this helps.
More-On - on 13 Oct 2012
In reply to Pids: Do it yourself in the bath with Down Wash or similar. Then rinse and spin in the washing machine a couple of times. I'm sure a dryer would then be OK but as mine hasn't got a temperature control I've simply laid the article flat and fluffed it up every now and then for a day or so. This has worked on a 500g down bag and my Rab down jacket. As the other posters say, it looks like you've wrecked them when they come out of the bath, but soon recover.
Paul Evans - on 13 Oct 2012
In reply to Pids:
DO NOT dry clean it! It ruins the feathers.
I've just left one to be professionally cleaned at Franklins in Sheffield. They have a very good reputation.

In reply to Pids: If you have a tumble dryer, get some down wash and do it home. Works really well I've found on sleeping bags and jackets. My wife helpfully adds, don't put the down wash in the dryer - but I'm hoping you could work that bit out yourself! ;-)
luke obrien - on 13 Oct 2012
In reply to Pids: have washed a few jackets (mountain equipment and north face) just std wash, no fabric softener then low temp tumble dry. Came out fine both times. I read up on it and thought I was going to wreck mine. The wife just got on with it and hers was fine.
Pids - on 14 Oct 2012
In reply to Stuart the postie:

Cheers, will give it a wash and a tumble then

Stuart will drop you a text

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