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Topic - Do we expect to much from our outdoor gear?

Stash - on 18 Oct 2012
As the title suggests....

Having worked in various outdoor stores over the past eight years I have seen quite a change in the products sold and the expectations from customers.

Year on year the number of customers returning items they are either unhappy with or think are faulty seems to be growing steadily.

There will always be products that do fail. Fact.

Personally i have always expected to sweat a little whilst slogging it uphill in a waterproof jacket in the pissing rain no matter how "breathable" its claimed to be.
I expect to get slightly damp feet whilst walking all day in a bog.
I expect a pair of winter gloves used heavily for a winter's climbing to get pretty battered or worn.
I accept it as my own fault if i wear a rucksack over my new thin base layer and it causes pilling on the shoulders.
Its bad luck if my shoe laces break after six months.
I walk a little more carefully if my new boots slip on lichen covered wet rock!
I'm pretty stupid if i rip my waterproof trousers climbing over barbed wire.
I'd blame the airline if my new ski bag came off the baggae reclaim missing a wheel.
Shit, my skiing sucks and ive shredded the bottom of my salopettes with my edges!
oops i washed my down gillet and its ruined, oh well i wont make that mistake again.
Get the needle out, i ripped my softshell squirming up a grit chimney in "The Peaks".

Some people need to grow a pair and face up to their own actions or mistakes!

Or are the gear companies and retailers to blame!

Now breathe......................

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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