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Topic - Drinking water to help acclimitisation

Newbuild100 - on 23 Oct 2012
A few times over the past few years, I have been to a few places over 4000 metres and suffered with the thin air (vomitting/sickening headaches etc).

As science has moved on somewhat AND ive become more aware of ways of dealing with altitude a bit better, ive just been to nearly 6000 meters and didnt really suffer at all.
I took on board plenty of water this time, was a bit more conservative with my pace perhaps, and also took Diamox.
Obviously, its probably impossible to say for sure, but I would like to know which of the above helped me acheive my aim. (Call it inquisition if you like)

Whilst its recognised that drinking plenty of water helps with the acclimitisation "programe", can anyone tell me why ?
(Would the same effect be gained by drinking say fizzy pop, or tea !!??)
ie, does it have to be water ???

Secondly, does the Diamox/water combo help to increase ox sat levels OR just help to deal with the lower ox sat levels that would be expected at height !!

(At 5000m a few years ago, without taking Diamox or any increase of water, my ox sat levels were in the low 70's.
In the last week or so, WITH a Diamox intake and extra water; at 5000m, my ox sat levels were in the low 90's

(PS . .all the trips above have been done with reputable companies with a decent acclimitisation programme)

Whilst I guess we all realise its very far from being an exact science, can anyone comment on the above please. ??

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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