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Topic - Childcare dilema - Advice needed

vincentvega - on 23 Oct 2012
Our son has been in childcare with a childminder for the past 10 months.
We have been really happy with him being there and he loves going. He has a great bond with the childminder and we prefer the intimacy that the setting provides instead of a larger nursery.
A couple of weeks ago, my partner recieved a call and had to go and collect our son as the childminders assistant, (who is her sister) collapsed with chest pains.
This fortunately turned out to be a pulled muscle.
The same evening we recieved a text saying that our childminder is physicaly and emotionaly drained after what took place and wouldnt be working the next day, but hoped to return to work the day after that.
We thought that is understandable.
We then recieved a email the following day stating that our childminder has been through an awful lot this year and this current event was the final push and that she is no longer continuing to work as a childminder. Thats it. No notice at all.
We obviously feel completley let down as our son went to her at a young age and is really settled there. Now he is older and more aware of different people, it will be harder for him to settle at another setting.
Also as above, he had a great bond with her.
We now are struggling to find any childcare at such late notice, and my partner has had to take the last 2 weeks of work unpaid.
Now, since this has happened she has not been in contact, but today has just sent her invoice which we are due to pay for the childcare the week before the incident. I honestly thought she would just leave it be after all the inconvenience and money it would have cost people.
I know its what I owe, but we are seriously out of pocket also after the situation she has left us in.
So what are peoples opinions and advice on paying the outstanding invoice?
Also we dont have a contract, we have asked for one more than once and she said she will have it ready next time, but that never happened.


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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