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Topic - Wedding guest list drama

33% Longer - on 24 Oct 2012
OK, two reasons for posting this here - Firstly very few of the people involved in this will read this here or even know it's me so i can vent my spleen in relative safety. Secondly I kind of want a bit of reassurance i'm at least a little bit justified in my decisions.

So my fiancee and I are getting married next year, sent out the invitations a couple of months ago and for reasons of space we have not given plus ones to our cousins at the wedding breakfast - we have said partners are welcome at the evening reception. Now, two months after the invitations went out, two of my fiancee's cousins are kicking up a stink wanting a plus one each for a girlfriend and a fiance each. After two months of complaining to everyone except for us, one cousin finally contacted us through facebook at the weekend. Now we said to her - you've got our numbers, give us a ring or arrange to see us as we really don;t want to do this over facebook. This evening my fiancee got a phone call from her cousin who essentially shouted over anything my fiancee tried to say to her and essentially said if she couldn't bring her fiancee to the wedding breakfast she won't be coming at all, and if she's not going then her brother and her mum and dad might not be going either. Cousin has offered to pay the extra place, but as we keep telling her, her brother and my fiancee's aunt - it's not a money thing - it;s a space thing. coupled with the fact that neither of us have met the cousin's significant others - not right keen on being brow beaten into having someone that neither of us have met at one of the more intimate bits of our wedding. Cousin has accused my fiancee of making our wedding day all about her (isn't that the point?) and has really quite upset my fiancee.

Are we being unreasonable?

PS - If this doesn;t make sense it's because I am absolutely fuming about how my fiancee's cousin has spoken to her whilst expecting to get an extra invite to the wedding.

Thanks for reading my lengthy rant.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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