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Topic - Does your dog sleep outside?

yorkshireman - on 30 Oct 2012
Question for the UKC hive mind - especially for rural folk with dogs.

We've got a Border Collie that's coming up on 2 years old. We only adopted him in April though, and since then he's been sleeping at night in a kind of outhouse building (unheated) attached to the front of our house, where he seems perfectly happy sleeping in a little popup dog crate on a few blankets.

We live in the Alps at 1100m, so its been getting pretty cold lately, we were down to -10 at the weekend so I've brought him inside as its stil around -8 at night now.

Question is, am I worrying unnecessarily or is it a good idea to bring him inside, since its only really going to get colder (we had -25 last winter for several weeks on end). The outhouse is dry and sheltered from the wind, but obviously gets very, very cold. He's on the small side for a Collie (about 13kg) so wouldn't retain heat for as long as a larger dog I guess, but on the other hand they're outdoor working dogs so should be built to be resilient.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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