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Topic - Cam resling knot question

Cheese Monkey - on 04 Nov 2012
I'm going to overhaul my old WC Friends this week for something to do. I would buy new ones but I simply can't afford it.

I really like the doubled sling idea on the new Dragons and my main goal is to emulate this. The problem is the hole on the stem will not fit any reasonable sized cord doubled.

What I have thought is threading it with cord and tying it off with a bowline/OH/fig8.Then threading one strand through the loop created by the knot and then joining the two strands as normal.

This makes two short loops, and when one is unclipped it makes one big loop. Genius you say!

Any issues with this? I don't like the extra knot, and I'm not too keen on the unusual loading on it by the rethreaded strand. I will probably use a bowline to save a bit on cord length.
I'm planning on using 5.5mm dyneema cord. Is it going to be substantially weakened by this knot compared to 7mm nylon?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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