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Topic - Is my bank telling me the truth....

bluebealach - on 06 Nov 2012
For some stupid reason I walked away from the ATM at my bank leaving my bank card in the dispenser. I realised what I had done within about 10/15 seconds and even though no one was at/near the ATM there was no trace of my card.

I am told that after a few seconds, if I don't remove the card, it is automatically withdrawn back into the machine - I've no problem with this bit.

I offered to return in the morning to retrieve my card (after they had opened up the ATM to refill later that night) but was told that the ATM would have shredded the card already and I now have to wait between 3/5 working days for a new one.

Does anyone have any up to date info on the internal working of an ATM only I installed them about 6 years ago for about 12 months and there was no such mechanism installed then...... they are quite simple internally.

I think they just can't be bothered or it's going against their protocols and I'm being spun a line....
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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