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Topic - OK so remove the confusion - lean body

TheDrunkenBakers - on 07 Nov 2012
OK, so I have just been to the gym and had a session with a personal trainer. Here: my vital stats.

Age 37 (in a month)
Standard body type
175cm height - 5'9" in old money
79.9kg - minus shorts and t-shirt
BMI 26.1
BMR 1794
Impedence 493ohms
22% body fat
FFM 62.3kg - dont know what that is
TBW 45.6kgs

I am looking to get leaner and so i need ot get my head around the best way to do this. I have been running for a few months now and have lost about a stone since April. I run every other day if i can up to 10k. Weights 2 time per week max and wall once per week.

The trainer said that if I carry on with my regime I will lose muscle and increase body fat. She said I should cut out all breads, pasta, rice and potatoes altogether - not even wholemeal and eat, if possible only green veggies and berries - all other fruit is bad. She even said no bananas which is my staple for training of any type. I have been advised to eat 200gms of protein per day.

She recommended only weights and interval training and 6 times a day eating. I have decent muscle mass and dont want much more, just to save the stuff I have.

This all seems so hard and impractical. i dont want to give up the running as I am told this is the best way to lose fat and I like the fitness which helps for walkig up hills (in conunction with diet), i dont want to be a meat head lookingin the mirror every two minutes. There has been a thread on fasting on here too.

So, for the average man of advancing year with a busy life, what the hell are we supposed to do as there are so many conflicting methods. i just want to lose some fat without losing my mind in the process.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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