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Topic - Jabs and Vaccines

thebrookster on 10 Nov 2012
Well, first of all, an apology. Normally a fit and very healthy person, I seem to have now posted two threads about injury and health in a short space of time.

I'll try not to make a habit of this, I promise :)

Anyway, seeing as plenty of you guys galavant around the world on expeditions and trips etc, I figure you must all be pretty familiar with getting the jabs etc needed to do so. I have most, due to my job. Anyway, on Thursday I had a full medical for a new job, which included some top-ups on jabs etc.

I got two inoculations, one for Typhoid and another for Meningitis, both in the left arm. Just before I had these, the nurse took some blood samples for testing. Other than feeling a touch sore (my arm swelled up beautifully where the blood was taken for half an hour or so) I was fine on Thursday. However, almost immediately after the jabs and bloods, I had to do a fitness test that included strength tests, which obviously I had to use my left arm for.

However, yesterday (friday) my arm was very painful, I could neither fully straighten it nor bend it (maybe 25/30 degrees of movement). As I had some more interviews for the new job, I had to suck it up and get on with it, however I was not right, and realised when I got back home I was running a temperature. So I treated it the same as any other illness I get, I went to bed and sleep. After a good decent sleep, I woke this morning feeling fine, though the arm is still sore, but improving.

Now, I know side effects are a danger with any medicine, but I have never had them before (and I have had both jabs previously, these were simply repeats to top me up). I wondered if maybe the fitness/strength tests could have triggered something? Anyone here had similar effects?

I add, I am fine now, just interested if anyone else has had similar and could maybe narrow down a cause, For instance, if it was the strength/fitness tests that can trigger, when I go for my next medical I would request doing the tests before any jabs are done. (My medicals are done every two years.)

Cheers :)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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