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Topic - Peter Storm hooded down gilet

captain paranoia - on 13 Nov 2012
Given the discussion of cheap winter gear on the recent Decathlon thread...

I bought a hooded down gilet from Millets a few weeks back, reduced from 40 to 30 (now down to 20). For 'Peter Storm' it's pretty good. It's a simple, sewn-through construction, made using five body panels; back, sides & fronts, with a 3-panel hood. Back and front panels are 7 compartments, sides are 12, so thinner. It's pretty long for a gilet (which I like). It has two handwarmer pockets at the hem. The hood fits comfortably over a Petzl Elios helmet. All openings are simply lycra-bound with no adjustment (hem, pockets, armscyes, hood). It has a full-length, single-ended coil zip. It comes with a mesh stuffsack, which it fits into easily.

The down seems okay; claimed 90/10 down/feather, and it's not over-stuffed. In the weeks I've been wearing it, it's shed just one feather, and a couple of down clusters (actually remnants stuck in seams).

The face fabric is a microfibre polyester; feels okay. Claimed water resistant, but I'm not too sure...

The large hood has plus and minus points; it fits a helmet (rather unusually for a PS offering), but, with no adjustment, it won't stay up too well in wind.

The length and single ended zip mean it would get in the way of belaying, but you could simply pull the thing up a bit.

They're now flogging them at 20, which seems like silly money... It seems better than the TNF Numpty gilet they're also selling for 130...

They're also knocking out a lightweight synthetic jacket the 'Jack In A Pack', feels like ~40gsm for 15, but the shell fabric feels oddly clammy. Packs into one of the pockets.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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