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Topic - Run Away Dogs

Got a recurring problem with our dogs, and would appreciate advice from anyone who's been in the same situation?

Basically, we've got 2 springer spaniels, mother and daughter, and they are escape artists! they love to run away, at every opertunity! We've accepted that it's in their nature, and so have learnt that one of them must always be on a lead (they'll only run together, never alone)
However, thismorning, they did something they've not done before, they escaped from the garden. We put a nice fence around our garden so that in the morning, we could just let them out for a wee and a bit of a run around while we got ready for work, before going out for a walk etc, but today, for some reason, they've decided to jump the fence and run off (first time in 3 years that they've done so!)

So, now we can't even trust them in our own back garden...what should we do? Simple solution would be to get rid of one of them, but it's not so simple, because then we have to choose! some people have suggested electric collars, with an 'invisible boundary', but they're illegal in wales, and knowing our luck we'd get caught! I could increase the fence height, but that'd be a few 100, and really ruin the garden, making it more like a prison!!

We're kind of at our wits end! please help!!

oh, and if you're wondering, they've still not been found, they're out and about, enjoying themselves, and we're just hoping that someone finds them and calls us!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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