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Topic - Any Phillip K Dick fans?

ThunderCat - on 15 Nov 2012
I've only read "Do androids dream of electric sheep", "counter clock world", "man in the high castle" and "a scanner darkly", Enjoyed them.

I bought a collection of his short stories last week and I've struggled to read them. Get to the end of each one and think - 'what was that about', and not in a way that leaves me with a satisfied sense of curiosity - just one of genuinely not getting what it was about. Found myself skimming over a couple of them, and last night I gave up two thirds of the way through because I simply wasn't enjoying it.

Book was "Total Recall", obviously cashing in on the movie. There's a couple of stories in there which seem to be the basis for the novels - "Your appointment will be yesterday" (counter clock wise) and "Little black box" discusses Mercerism and the empathy boxes mentioned in Electric sheep.

Just wondered what your opinions are. Is it worth sticking with them? I really really hate giving up on a book.

I also read "Beyond lies the Wub" in junior school. I think I enjoyed that one.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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