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Topic - Why do people drink alcohol.

climb the peak - on 17 Nov 2012
So, after my fist proper night out in town,I have become disillusioned by the whole night club scene. Having anticipated being 18 and being able to finally go out clubbing I have been bitterly disappointed. The streets were full of complete idiots wandering around trying to get as pissed as possible. I thought there'd be more of an air of celebration, but it seems like people just want to drown there sorrows, forget about how shit there life is and how shit it will continue to be, have sex with random strangers, and start fights for no reason. All this for a pounding headache the next morning. There was hardly anyone my age, it just seemed to be full of 30 year olds trying to take advantage of girls who wanted to be taken advantage of. Hopefully this is different in cities other than derby, where there's not really that many students. Anyway alcohol, it just makes you loose control, do things you'll regret the next morning, spend way to much money on drinks and forget what could have been a great night. The fact that It makes you more confident when talking to people is irrelevant if you don't feel whatever you say is going to be judged.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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