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Topic - Will Gadd's lecture made me think.

puppythedog on 18 Nov 2012
I've posted this in Rocktalk but could have just as easily posted it in Alpine/Expedition/hilltalk/winterclimbing or any that was closely linked to those outdoor activities.

I was at Kendal this weekend (lucky me) and whilst there I attended Will Gadd's lecture about managing risk. I was thoroughly moved by the opening ten minutes when Will highlights a list of friends that have died out in the mountains or other activities he engages in. He then speaks about being truthful with ourselves that what we do is risky, that we can make comments about risk of different activities such as driving a car but that really that's Bu115hit, his mates didn't die driving a car.

Will then talked about why take the risks then, and how to manage it as best as possible.

For some reason this experience at Kendal really resonated, I've recently bought myself some stuff to start to play in the Winter arena and maybe the Alps. I climb when I can and sometimes run it out and sometimes I don't. I have often told MrsTheDog not to worry, that I'm a safe person but felt the need to acknowledge that although I manage my risk as well as I can there is always the chance that things could go awry, that I could get injured or conceivably worse.

I'm posting because I wonder if anyone else was at the lecture, if they were did it hit a nerve with them.
I also wonder how people consider risk, has this changed throughout your climbing/walking etc careers, how do you justify what you do?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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